About Us


You are on prSTEPS page to find out something about us, right? So, let’s have a short overview.

prSTEPS was created in 2013, with hearts full of enthusiasm, by a few people who believed so much we can transfer at least a small part of our courage, creativity and business ethics into our clients’ look and feel. We always believed in the courage to speak your business words in a creative manner so you can be transparent and to do not harm any of your stakeholders.

Having all these in mind, we started to build step-by-step a new-generation PR agency, using new and innovative communication methods, along with traditional PR, so our words can reach our client’s audience, no matter where this public is.

We used our creativity in communicating our clients’ stories in various industries as tech, e-commerce, VCs & startups, education, agriculture, media or classifieds, online & classic retail, and so on. In Romania, as a main playground but we also took our clients stories to Czech Republic, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and so on.

We really think we can communicate about everything, almost anywhere, but we have to feel from our client enthusiam, courage, transparency and believing.

If you feel the same way, it’s time to meet!

Iuliana Butuc-Cerchez

(PS: Since 2020, we are part of Convoy, a global PR agencies network.)



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