For Igniting Start-ups


Mum, dad and nanny must all understand what your business does. But so do your business partners, customers, or your strategic advisors. This also includes company and product launches and niche communication campaigns.

Media Relations

prSTEPS advocates your business to local & international press, broadcasts your message through personalized communication channels, while also making sure your press releases are tomorrow’s headlines.

Branding & Rebranding

prSTEPS assists you in creating a core message, develop a creative business vision for your company, establish a brand identity and core business values, as well as design a versatile company profile.

Advocacy & Investment

We will put our network to work and identify the right business connections for your company, while also tapping into an extensive community of business angels and venture capitalists to boost your business.

Event management

prSTEPS is best at designing powerful event management and concept, securing impactful visuals and complex agendas.


Based on our experience, we deliver top-notch media and public speaking trainings, while also continuing on being creative in designing result-driven workshops.

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