Vector Watch

Vector Watch designs & develops wearable technology to simplify lifestyles. Committed to delivering the highest quality of craftsmanship, we combine impeccable design and exceptional materials with cutting edge software and a unique user experience to enrich the lives of our customers. Our intelligent technology provides discreet & relevant information to help streamline the complexities of day to day life, whilst retaining the aesthetic & elegance of a premium timepiece.


We had the pleasure of working with prSTEPS team at PayU and also at Vector Watch, one being a well established brand part of a global corporation and the other one a startup playing ball with the big boys in wearables domain. The prSTEPS team is unlike any other communication and marketing agency I have ever worked with in previous international experiences. The team goes the extra mile for their partners, turning every account into a genuine friend. The prSTEPS team is committed to delivering top-notch deliverables, while being very professional, proactive and loyal. They are easy to work with, making our lives at Vector easier.

Rares Florea, Commercial Director for Central and Eastern Europe Vector Watch

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